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Shanghai Lin Heng Industrial Co., Limited  (German Grian kitchen cabinet), is a specialized production cabinet,  bath, overall wardrobe, wooden door, and so on enterprise.
   More than  ten year doing work hard and develop,  has already established the domestic high-end kitchen brand status. Occupies a land area of 20000 square meter modernization production factory, uses in the world the most advanced German heroic HOMAG cabinet production line and under the ISO9001 international quality system's fine division of labor, yearly produces the cabinet 12,000 sets, monopolizes the market to spread a national city.
  Our factory  products use  completely conforms to the European environmental protection standard import plate, fuses the Chinese tradition kitchen culture idea and the European and American front fashion design element as well as the German Grian  craft standard,   the specialized designer team receives ' humanist ' the design idea, leans the sentiment making top cabinet, and is the domestic many large-scale Land development company's favor, established the long-term strategy cooperation. The exquisite craft, the consummation post-sale service system, the volume of exports rises year by year, the products outlet USA, Japan, Canada, Europe, Australia and so on more than 20 countries and the areas, between the standardization and the formalization the benign interaction development's production superiority, casts the highest quality price compared to, vowed that realizes the upscale cabinet global scale ' Made in China  '.

In line with the quality first for enterprise's eternal objective, provides the highest quality service by might and main for you. Believed that we have ability, the sincerity and your firm completely carry on the comprehensive happy cooperation, we anticipate your presence!

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